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Frequently asked questions

  • How will you integrate LUCID Messenger with our PMS?
    Our technical team will interact with your PMS vendor to exchange related information and configure LUCID Messenger to work with your PMS. Please contact us with details of the PMS used at your Hotel.
  • Can LUCID Messenger Software be installed remotely?
    Yes. We offer both on-site and remote installation services. Alternatively, you can also install the Software by yourself.
  • What is the Software Installation Procedure?
    It is very simple. Just insert the CD/DVD and follow the steps displayed (installation Wizard)
  • Can I send emails using LUCID Messenger?
    Yes. Email functionality of LUCID Messenger can be used to send Reservation Confirmations and also to conduct email campaigns (mail merge) by using data from PMS or external data (using MS-excel sheet)
  • What kind of reports can we generate from the Software?
    Reports like Sent SMS, Scheduled SMS etc can be generated. Additionally Phone Book, groups etc can be printed.
  • Is Internet Connection required?
    Since SMS is routed through SMS Gateways internet Connection is required. However SMS can also be sent without internet connection via GSM modem.
  • When and Whom can I contact if I need Support.
    Support is available 24/7. Please refer to the Support section of the website.
  • What is Sender ID?
    Sender Identification of SMS sender
    Sender Identification is the name or number which SMS receiver will see on their mobile phone. GSM cellular operators accept up to an 11-character Alpha-Numeric String and CDMA cellular operators allow only Numeric String as Sender Identification that must be a post paid mobile number
  • How much do you Charge for every Sender-ID
    Your Sender-ID is supplied free along with our SMS Software.
  • How do we buy additional SMS credits?
    As of now you can contact us and we shall transfer SMS credits to your account online after receiving payment. In future you will have the option to make payment using credit card through our website and buy SMS credits
  • How do we know the SMS balance /credit when sending through gateway?
    System displays the available SMS credits. 
  • Do you have a Post paid option?
    No. SMS purchase is always on Pre-paid
  • What is the Price of the SMS Software?
    It depends on the SMS functions that are required and also the PMS used. Please contact us for more information
  • How will using your SMS software have a positive effect on our business?
    Research has shown that on an average an SMS is read with in 20 minutes while an email is read in 48 hours. By communicating to customers and partners as quickly as possible you will be able to definitely improve your business and brand value. For Example when a Hotel Sends a Reservation Confirmation by SMS to a Guest who has just made a room booking, the Guest starts perceiving the hotel as Professionally managed and caring and is more likely to become a repeat customer.
  • What technology / tools are used to develop the SMS Software?
    It is developed completely on latest Microsoft technologies like .Net and MS-SQL Server Express. You do not have to buy any software since it is Licensed and shipped along with our SMS Software.
  • What is the cost of SMS

    International SMS – 0.08$ ( 5.00 INR)
    India – Auto Alerts – 50 Paisa
    India – Bulk Messaging – 9 Paisa  (minimum purchase is 100,000 SMS)

    Taxes extra as applicable

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